On-Site and Interactive!

As the Director of Interactive Media at On-Site, my ideal way to spend the kick off party is tweaking with our social networking sites. While the RV buzzes with excitement, I have been generating our presence on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and YouTube (any more ideas?). On any of these sites you can look for CyberCensus2009 and you will find us. you could even just google it. I am currently exploring ways to unite all of these social networks into one command central. If you have any favorite programs or methods, feel free to share!

The information posted on these sites will enlighten you to our daily insights and experiences in digital ethnography, technology, music, cell phones, how to live with your colleagues, etc while RVing across the country. (For example, you can easily fry a Sony Desktop when you try to hook it up to a power converter.) Look for updates, lessons learned, and professional insight into american cyberlives.


2 Responses to “On-Site and Interactive!”

  1. cybercensus2009 Says:

    Becky was a total team trooper when we had our kickoff party yesterday. She spent almost the whole day creating our various online sites…way to go Becky!

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