slot music vs the usb port

Alan & Gail With Margaret W. of NARM
Yesterday, we interviewed Alan & Gail who own a small business that makes artistic lamps and accessories. Margaret W. joined us and provided us additional slot music samples to show.

We have been showing our study participants samples of the slot music format and have had some interesting responses. Initially, people are curious about the new format and want to experiment with it. But, quickly they end up with more questions than the packaging offers. Yesterday, we talked to a Boomer couple who would have liked to try the music in their Macs…but the packaging didn’t say the slot music was compatible with Mac…so, they were unwilling to go further. Additionally, they both have iPhones…but getting the sim card out of them is too difficult…so, again the slot music card was not an option. Once we encouraged them to open the packaging, they did find the usb adaptor…and then wondered if they could use that instead…but the lack of reassurance on the package about ‘Mac compatibility’ remained the deal breaking barrier.

Brainstorming the challenges we are seeing with the slot music format makes us wonder why a new format can’t be usb based…as it seems the usb port is a standard way to share data and music for many of our study participants thus far.

Music has become data…and the usb port has become the standard data transfer port…

On the road again…


2 Responses to “slot music vs the usb port”

  1. Where are you now!? Is there someplace we can keep track of you, ie: where you are
    at a given time? Hope all is going well. Cheers. B&C.

    • Hi Bill! We are currently in Lake Charles, LA heading to Baton Rouge for a few interviews. I was looking into a GPS tracking system through our phones but the pricing structure is a bit ambiguous…I will see if i can find another way. You can also keep up with us on Twitter, which I update regularly. All is going well, though we have had to get under the RV and manually jump start the leveling arms for the second time now!

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