Parent-Child relationships in the Digital Age

Because it is too priceless not to share, I give you Postcards From Yo Momma, a website dedicated to the digital correspondence between mother and child. While this will surely garner a laugh out of anyone, it is also a repository of the experiences Zoomers and Boomer/Wired Boomer parents have had navigating the digital terrain, establishing communication protocol, internet education, and redefining what it is to have a “multicultural family” spread between physical and digital culture contexts.

Examples include:
Music Pirating
Mom: Hey, can you get me some more Marshall Tucker Band music off your Lemon Line?
Me: It’s called limewire, mom.
Mom: Whatever. I just know it’s citrusy and provides free music.
Me: Well, technically it’s not free, its illegal.
Mom: There you go again, ruining all my fun.

Mom: I found a girl who’s perfect for you!
Me: What makes her so perfect?
Mom: She has brown hair and she drinks
Me: … That’s it? That’s all you think I go for?
Mom: Well that’s all I seem to be able to surmise about your girlfriends from the facebook pictures. Since you don’t TELL me anything else about them.
Me: You’re facebook stalking me mom.
Mom: I might call it “being a mother” 🙂
Me: I might call it “you’re pushing your facebook friendship privileges”

Keeping Up With Technology

Mom: So I finally went a bought a new computer yesterday!
Me: That’s great! What kind?
Mom: I got a Dell laptop. And I also got a wireless mouse.
Me: Oh cool! Wish I had a wireless mouse!
Mom: Yeah, well I need it ’cause I’m going to get a scanner soon.
Me: What? What does a wireless mouse have to do with a photo scanner?
Mom: You know, to scan the photo you have to swipe the lazer from the mouse back and fourth across the picture!
Me: Oh my god, I bet the salesman had a field day with you.

As difficult as relationships between wired bomer parents and zoomer children can be, wired boomers find the motivation and the ability to “keep up” with technology because of their children. During our cyber census study, we encountered many parents learning how to keep in touch with their children, many of which encouraged their parents to join (after the shock that they could get on.) Many parents are also finding digital solutions to making multimedia gifts such as slideshows and scrapbooks through websites such as SmileBox and Heritage Makers, a site which will send you a hardcopy of your scrapbook.

Deborah in New York holds a scrapbook of her son's wedding, made with Heritage

Deborah in New York holds a scrapbook of her son's wedding, made with Heritage


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