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What would you trade your iTouch for?

Posted in Case Study with tags , , , , , on April 13, 2009 by gobecky

A little over a week ago, I traded Kim an iPod Nano for her iTouch she won (and never opened) 3 months ago.  Now this may surprise you. You may say to yourself, “Why would someone trade down from a newer more cutting edge product to a smaller, simpler device?

We exchanged a few emails after the trade, and since getting her the iPod Nano, Kim has rediscovered her music and made her iPod her new running mate:

Me to Kim, April 13, 209 9:39 AM

“Hey Kim! Hows that new ipod treating you?”

Kim to me, April 13, 2009 10:54 AM

“I love it.

Or should I say, I love having it.  I am still having trouble with it but i WILL prevail. (e.g. can’t get the Genius to work yet…) And now I have started to gather more music to put on it. Thank you so much again!

In fact, I am about to order some accessories online, including an arm band and the Nike Plus. Are you familiar with it? You plug it into your iPod and wear a chip on your shoe and if you press the center button while you are on your run, it will tell you the length, distance, speed, calories burned for your run, and you can make it play a special song if you feel yourself lagging. Then you plug it into your computer after your run at and it will keep track of your runs, help you set goals, give training advice, etc.

How sweet is THAT? Totally motivating me to run more.”

It is indeed “very sweet”, considering that this small switch has motivated her to get back into her music, develop music-related routines, and “trick out” her device with accessories. She also says that she will be purchasing an adapter to play her iPod in her car.

Plus, I have a new toy.

How sweet it is.